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    Good news. INS Commissioner is going to be holding a press conference to announce a campaign to encourage individuals to apply for permanency under the LIFE Act. Hopefully, this means that INS will start approving applications soon.,0127-life.pdf


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      I'm LULC/Life applicant, I did my interview in Jan 13 2003, and after the interview the INS office told me he would send me a dision within one month after he finish with the security check, after 10 days I got a call from the INS officer telling me my that he done with my check with the FBI and my case approved, I want the second day to the INS office and they stamp my passport as a permanent resident and they told me I'll receive my Green card in the mail within six month, and in case I want to travel the stamp in my passport in prove of my permanent resident status. Good luck to every Life applicant.


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        Quntario :

        Congratulations on your approval for permanent resident.

        I too am LULAC.I just got a letter from INS TExas asking me to send a list of all the countries that I had visited since 1982.

        Can you kindly share with us about your interview?? What documents did you have to bring?? What did INS officer ask you?? Where was your interview (what city??)

        Also for your LULAC/LIFE case, which application did you use (I-485 or I-687??? When did you file and which office??

        Please share your experience. Tell us everything. Thanks.


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          Congratulations Quntario. It's a wonderfull news and you are one of the very few LIFE members who got their petition approved. I was interviewed in march of 2002 and I'm still waiting to hear from them. Hopefully it will be done soon.
          Best wishes to you and good luck to all my LIFE friends who are still waiting for the good news.


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            The whole interview took 20 minutes, The document I gave to the INS officer are work letter, bank statement and an affidavit from a friend. The INS officer ask me eight civic question about the history of the United States, he also ask me to write one Sentence, (People in America have the right to freedom).
            I filed my I-485 at Milwaukee INS office, and my interview was in Milwaukee.
            The whole process of my case from filling to get my passport stamped took 9 months and 10 days.
            Also I forgot to tell you, one of my cousin lives in Waukegan, Illinois was approved in the last
            Week of December 2002


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              If a person have already been interviewed he/she should contact the INS and find out why the delay with his/her Life Legalization application.


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