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    Have anybody had his or her LIFE Legalization CSS/ LULAC application approved by the INS? What are such interviews with INS like? and how to prepare for such interview? What are the INS officers asking for as such interviews?
    Please post your experience.

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    Have anybody had his or her LIFE Legalization CSS/ LULAC application approved by the INS? What are such interviews with INS like? and how to prepare for such interview? What are the INS officers asking for as such interviews?
    Please post your experience.


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      2 friends of mine (LULAC) had interviews recently. Both were asked a few questions about their file and had to take basic English skills test. In both cases they say the officer told them they would be informed in mail. I am CSS waiting for the interview date. I don't know anyone who's application has actually been approved yet.


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        Do you know where they had the interviews? I am LULAC case with pending AOS by employment based. Applied for AOS using LULAC on 2001 did not get any interview notice yet. I was approved for front desking got my EAD. Both of my I-485(By LULAC & through LC) application is pending.


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          Hope and other friends:

          Bad news to share. I'm a LULAC class member and I applied for LIFE legalization in October 2001. Had my fingerprints done in November and my file was transferred to the Chicago District office for Processing. I was interviewed on march 18th. Interview was not a big deal and I can post the detail later. Any way, I was told that I'll be hearing from them in few weeks. Several months went by and I decided to write them to inquire since that is the only way to fins out the status with the district offices. They sent me the standard letter that once the decission is made, I'll be notified. Last week I read on the discussion board taht INS has instructed the District offices to not the approve any cases at this time. I got very desperate and called the dsitrict office and spoke to a nice lady and was able to obtain the phone# of the officer who interviewed me. After trying for three days, I was able to speak to her this afternoon. She told me that she can't give me any particular info about my case but the bad news is that SINCE NOVEMBER 20, 2000 THE DISTRICT OFFICES HAVE BEEN TOLD TO FREEZE APPROVING ANY CASES INDEFINITELY.

          I called the INS national customer service and spoke to a customer service rep. She told me that they have been getting many calls regarding this but it's not true. When I told her that I just spoke to the CHICAGO office and this I what I was told, she didn't know what to say except that they will check on this. My guess is that the DISTRICT offices have been quietly told to do they don't want the class members to find out about it.

          I'm very frustrated and hopeless at this point.

          If anyone of you have any other info, please keep intouch.


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              The freeze applies to all I-485 applications. Here's an excerpt from The Oh Law Firm:

              "The INS HQ is reluctant to admit it officially, but currently adjudication of I-485 is on hold across the board. No one knows what has caused the decision of freeze and more importantly when it will be lifted. It reminds people of the long and painful freeze of 485 applications a few years back pending CIA clearance, which contributed to a mountain of 485 backlogs to the level of over 2 years of 485 processing times. No one knows the exact cause this time around, but one wonders whether it has something to do with the on-going special registration programs. Please stay tuned to this web site for development of this news."

              As for the LIFE applications, for some reason, very few applications have been approved. Excerpt from SJ INS:
              "G. LIFE Legalization - this question posed by Crystal Williams, the Director of Liaison & Information of AILA

              The Missouri Service Center reports it sent more than 14,000 LIFE Legalization cases to the DO's for interviews and final processing. Out of the 14,000, they have received back ONLY 55 cases for card processing and are at a loss as to what is wrong. Three possibilities are presented:
              a. Interviews have not happened yet;
              b. Interviews held but cases are being continued or denied;
              c. Interviews held and files were sent to the wrong Service Center (i.e the SC with jurisdiction over residence rather than the MSC).

              What is happening at the SJ INS office? Are the cases being interviewed? If so, to which service center are the files sent for card processing? Please advise.

              We are in the process of scheduling all 200 cases that we have received in SNJ. We have approved approx. 10% of these cases so far. Now that final regulations have been published, it is expected that we will be adjudicating these cases as quickly as possible. In fact, we have scheduled LIFE interviews each interview day in January.

              Meeting notes:

              The problem SJ INS is experiencing is sufficient evidence to prove continuous and physical residence."


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                Hi AZ:
                Any new development with your case, Did you get any response from the INS about your case or its still pending, Also did you register with the INS for the special registration, please update us about your case and if other Life Legalization case been approved lately if you know about. Thank you...Good luck.


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                  Hello Hope:

                  No response from the INS yet but I have heard that he freeze has been lifted. Couple of my friends in Chicago who have very similar case as mine are planning to go to INS tomorrow to register. I'll hopefully post the detail tomorrow. I'm planning to register in early february and at the same time I'll try to find the status of most case.

                  Best wishes and keep in touch.


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                    Hello AZ;
                    After your and your friends Life Act interview with the INS, Did the INS officer ask
                    for or took your I-94 card. I know no decision on your case happened yet.
                    If they did not take your I-94 yet, will the INS ask for your card if they approve
                    your case in the future. How about in case a person Life act denied, Does the
                    INS take the person I-94 or just keep it the person. Thank you.


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                      Hello Hope: No, she didn't ask for my I-94, infact I don't even have my I-94, I think I have misplaced it. In any event, When I requested my file through the FOIA, it had a copy of my I-94. I asked my friend and he also says that she never asked anything about I-94.

                      By the way, my friend went to register today, it went fine and I'll write the details shortly.

                      Why are you asking about I-94?

                      Best wishes.


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                        Thank you AZ for your response, the reason I ask about I-94, because I lost mine and I'm afraid I'd have problem when my Life interview come.
                        The strange things about your and your friend's cases, you done with your interview and you have all documents that show you were here since 1982. The final Life regulation came long time ago, and until now your cases not approved, I think you gays should contact the INS regularly to check and ask why they did not approve
                        your cases yet, you can't wait forever, these cases had been pending for long time.
                        Also please tell us about your friend who want to register with the INS, Did they encounter any problem with the INS, what kind of question the INS ask them and what kind of document the INS ask for, Please keep us posted and thank you
                        for your update. God blesses.


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                          Hello Hope:

                          I have posted the details of my friend's special registration experience in a separate thread. As far as the I-94, I don't much about case but it was not an issue for me or my friend. Don't sweat too much about it. WHat's the status of your application and when do you expect your interview?
                          Let me know.
                          Best Wishes.


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                            Correction: "I don't know much about your case"


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                              Hi AZ,
                              My case is CSS/LIFE I applied back in April 2002.
                              I did my fingerprint after one month and I got my work card in August 2002. Now I'm still waiting for my interview letter. Also Vermont Service Center approves my Questionnaire form and now my application is pending at Texas Service Center. So I have to cases one CSS at TSC and the other LIFE at MSC.


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