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    I-130 processing times are finaly moving at TSC they're on 7/11/01,I filed for my mother on dec. 2001 when time comes what forms are next?..thank you

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    I-130 processing times are finaly moving at TSC they're on 7/11/01,I filed for my mother on dec. 2001 when time comes what forms are next?..thank you


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      Your mother will receive a notice of Action letter indicating your approval, and the forwarding of your approved petition to the National Visa Processing Center in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, along with a phone number to contact the NVC with. Your case will now only be dealt with by the NVC. The service center that you filed with, will have no more knowledge on the status of your petition or case.

      A few weeks after you have received your last Notice of Action indicating the approval and forwarding of your I-130 application to the NVC, the NVC will send your relative a packet of forms that you and your relative must fill out before your relative can be given an interview date with a consulate abroad. The packet contains an Of-169 form, and an Of-230 part one and two forms that must be filled out by the intending immigrant. An I-864 form is also included that must be filled out by the petitioner. The I-864 is the Affidavit of Support form that requires copies of the petitioners past 3 U.S tax returns, as well as any bank or financial records available. The petitioner must make at least 125% above the U.S federal poverty to indicate to the U.S government that the intending immigrant will not become a federal charge to the government when he/she arrives in the U.S.If the petitioner cannot meet these requirements, then he/she must still file an I-864, and find a joint sponsor who can meet the requirements on his/her own. When a joint sponsor is needed ,proof of their U.S citizenship or permanent residency is required. (i.e. copy of birth certificate, immigration status etc). The joint sponsor must be residing in the U.S, and he/she must also submit his/her past 3 years U.S tax returns along with bank or any other financial records available. The joint sponsor must submit his/her own I-864 form to accompany the petitioner's I-864 form.

      Forms that must be sent back to the NVC or the consulate abroad (depending upon which consulate you are going through) before an interview date with a consulate abroad can be scheduled are as follows:

      1.Completed and signed OF-169.

      2.Completed and signed Of-230 Part 1 and 2 forms.

      3.I-864 Affidavit of Support Form along with past 3 year U.S tax returns and any other financial documents available.

      4.A copy of intending immigrants biographic page of passport(s) including expiration date.

      5.A copy of intending immigrants birth certificate(s).

      6.A copy of intending immigrants adoption certificate(s) (if applicable)

      7.Marriage certificate. (if applicable)

      8.Divorce decree(s) or death certificate(s) (if applicable)

      9.Police certificate(s)

      10.Court and prison records.(if applicable)

      11.Custody records. (if applicable)

      12.Military records (if applicable)

      After the NVC receives these forms and supporting documents, an interview date will be scheduled for the intending immigrant at a consulate abroad. The NVC or the consulate abroad will send your relative a letter indicating at what time and day the interview is scheduled for, and of required forms that must be brought to the interview. Documents needed are:

      1.Tax form 9003.

      2.Valid Passport.

      3.Original birth certificate.

      4.Original adoption decree. (if applicable)

      5.Original marriage certificate. (if applicable)

      6.Original death certificate. (if applicable)

      7.Original divorce decree. (if applicable)

      8.Police certificate.

      9.Court record(s) (if applicable).

      10.Evidence of support.

      11.Medical examination information (a list of INS approved doctors to perform the medical is included with the letter)

      12.2 ADIT style photos of the intending immigrant.

      On The day of your relatives interview, he/she must bring EVERY document listed above that applies to your case, and should be prepared for a long wait. Your relative will need to bring $325 dollars U.S or it's local currency equivalent to $325 dollars U.S.($260 dollars for the application, and $65 dollars for issuance)

      The interview can last for 10 minutes or up to an hour depending upon your specific case. You relative will take an oath under US law to tell the truth, and it is very important that your relative answer every question as truthfully as possible. As in general, it is a good idea that your relative bring documentation to prove strong ties and a relationship with you, the petitioner. (i.e. phone bills, letters etc.) If the consulate officer approves your relative's immigrant visa application, your relative will be issued an immigrant visa that allows your relative to become a US permanent resident. Your relative will become a U.S permanent resident only when he/she enters the U.S at a port of entry, until this time, he/she only has an immigrant visa that is valid up to 6 months from the interview date. If your relative cannot immigrate to the U.S within the 6 month allotted time, then his/her immigrant visa will expire, and the I-130 process must start all over again. Also, if your relative is your wife or husband and you have been married for less then 2 years at the time of his/her arrival at a port of entry, then he/she will receive a temporary greencard good for only 2 years, at which time the both of you will have to file the I-751 form to remove it's conditional status.
      I am not a lawyer nor do I claim to be one so please double-check any information given by me, or anyone else for that matter, with a certified (immigration)lawyer before you take any further steps.


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        thanks a lot for your response,the petition I filed was for my Mother we will have to go to the Ciudad Juarez consulate,my Father(PLR) petitioned my Mother back in 1996 and about 6 weeks ago He recived a letter from his lawyer requesting him to his office ,He talked to his lawyer and was told that there was a visa available for my Mother and that they needed to fill out some more "forms" and after that my Mother was going to have an appointment at Juarez for the interview,since I had filed a petition for my Mother and for other personal reasons we decided to wait on the petition I filed, is there going to be a problem if my Mother and Father don't follow up on the petition filed by my Father? again thak you


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