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    Quick question::: If you are traveling to the Philipines in a couple of months. And you have everything you need for K1 except proof in pictures that you have been there to meet your fiancee, Enable To get the K1 process started SOONER, Can I send everything else in now (two months before the triip) I have cards, letters, mail, phone bills, even the plane itinerary for the upcoming trip and charge card bill $900. I only lack pictures that will be taken of our time together in the Philippines. thanks

    Question: Are the pictures of us together in manilla something to include in the orginial K1 paperwork, or to be included and viewed by INS at the fiancees interview in the very end??

    You guys have been a tremendous help.
    It's just an idea and a thought,
    Thanks for any opinions. God Bless

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    Pictures of Engagement are what is required by the INS for processing. If you have pictures of your engagement, then there will be no problem. In case you are not engaged yet, then the person cannot be your fiance and beneficiary of K Visa.
    Good luck.


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      wait and submit the pics with the package. takes lots of pics together. i sent them about 15 of us together.

      also include the emails, u guys have sent and receipt for the hotel, if you plan to stay in one. if you plan to be in the philippines for a substanial amount of time, like a month, you may look into fed ex or another delivery service to over night your package to them. also makes copies of everything ya send so if they claim to not have something you have a backup. and make sure you have the required ins pics also. ya know the weird 3/4 pose they ask for. check out the ins website and make sure you have all they require. good luck


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