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If my child born here?

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  • If my child born here?

    If my child born in US, will I be able to get the green card and if I will get the green card will I become a California resident ?

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    If my child born in US, will I be able to get the green card and if I will get the green card will I become a California resident ?


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      It used to be possible for an out of status parent to apply for [sponsor] him or herself via the U.S. citizen child. But because of abuse a law was passed 1995/96 (?) that a U.S. citizen child can only sponsor parents when she reaches the age of 21 and has to prove a whole bunch of other obligations such as that she earns 125% above the minimum wage - amount changes from year to year, some states are a "bit" higher, sign a affadit of support for the parent that they won't become public charge etc.. Unless your child has a life threathing medical conditions that needs to be treated here, you will not derive any immediate benefits at this time. Good luck!


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        I am not sure what law you are talking about of 1995/96.
        Only US Citizen Child can file petition for his/her Parents He/she must be 21 years of age.


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          Yes, pandora is right:
          there used to be a provision of law that was repealed in 1996 that would have allowed a parent of US Citizen to legalize here.
          It is fascinating that some people believe that such law still exists.


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            hi ...

            u need to give some more info abt ur status just to see if there are other options for u to get a PR status... but if ur child was born here ...then he can file for u when he turns 21 ... good luck...Pasha


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              Talk about the current law. California, is the first State wanted to change the state law to reflect that one parent must be a USC and residence of CA. this was some time in 1992/93.
              Some time from 1983 to 1995, CA was hub for foreigner visiting hospitals to give births.
              Second was Wa, Ill, so far this only.


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                It doesn't grant you any benefits. Only allows you to prevent being deported. Hence why so many mexican women immediately pop out 5-7 kids. ICE puts women with USC kids at the *bottom* of their pickup and deport list. IOW: Looks the "other" way.

                -= nav =-


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                  While the women and children may be at the bottom of the deportation list, from the cases I've read, it won't stop the authorities from deporting a father who's here illegally, particularly if he's working illegally (which is how they usually seem to catch him).


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                    yep. they could care less about father's with usc kids. They're out if they're encountered. Reason being: if the father is deported, then perhaps the mother will be more enticed to leave as well.


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