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  • Need a Man to Marry

    I am looking for an American man to receive the residency. I can offer $$$. Any info is appreciated.

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    I am looking for an American man to receive the residency. I can offer $$$. Any info is appreciated.


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      Sure honey....

      Send me a $ 5 million check and I will get u what you want.....



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        Send me 4 million in cash and I will get u what u want and more ")


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            Whoa! don't sell yourself cheap my man!


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                People like YOU NAOMI make it difficult for HONEST PEOPLE like ME to be with the PEOPLE we REALLY love.

                How could you want to sell youself like give woman and love a bad name!


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                  Naomi, these are such desparate measures to be taking. Have you ever thought about what type of person you could be meeting by doing something like this? Maybe putting your life at risk, the risk of being seriously harmed?

                  If you have that kind of money to be offering, maybe someone could give you some informative advice on how to put it to better use. Someone such as Umesh Passi, Mohan, Brownfox and others who have helped so many on this board.

                  I want to wish you good luck in your journey and may God guide you down the right path!

                  God Bless!


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                    To Naomi:
                    I won't blame you. You seems to be desparate because of your illegal status. But what you are thinking is illegal. With this you can be in bigger problem than you are in now.
                    You seems to be a working woman. You should try to find a good person, who could love you and care for you. If the person will be USC or LPR that will also solve your problem.
                    Do not fall into traps and ruin your life. Whoever, will do it for money, will always try to extract more money from you and blackmail you.
                    Just trust in God, if He has brought you here, He will find a way for your legalization.
                    God bless you.


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                      If you have money, then why don't you go back to your own country and immigrate legally?? In other words, make an application and do it the right way? What exactly are you trying to hide?? You are an example of why Americans don't want illegals here. They are people who would ignore the laws of our land and spit on our nation's sovereignty, just because they want to do as they please. Our border patrol and law enforcement are already overwhelmed, and if they can't stop you from sneaking in, then anyone with any character and respect would stop himself.


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                        First of all its illigal. Immigration fraud.
                        Even if you sucessful doing that, your misery starts there, not ended.
                        First you will pay the guy.
                        Then any time of any immigration matter he will ask you more money ,otherwise he will not coperate. ( blackmail)
                        Lets say after draing all your saving ,even if you get the piece of plastic, you will not be peace either.You will have joint account, tax reture, etc etc.. he can take money anytime from you. you will he his co sponsor on I-864A if he is not meeting povertyline.
                        You have pay to get rid of this person, Divorce etc etc..
                        IF the things not workout good enough you will always live in fear to get deported unless you get your citizenship..
                        Is it worth it? offend the Law which has impact to your entire life?
                        I don't think so.
                        Get straight and find suitable person,Marry who loves you.
                        The Piece of plastice is not that important to ruin whole life. Just an advise.


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                          unless you truly love somebody it's just not worth the trouble to marry just for for a GC. read the other posts and see the frustration and anger those of us who have legitimate marriages feel as we try to get files and papers in order to stay with the people we love and to satisfy the INS.


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                            How much do you offer...i can do it for $15,000. LMK.


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