On June 15, we were excited to hear DHS's announcement on deferred action for eligible undocumented youth. This announcement is really important for undocumented young people and their families, and we stand with immigrant communities who consider this nation their home. Our goal is to ensure that community members receive information on deferred action in an accurate and efficient manner. As the leading immigration publisher and with more than 12 years of experience in the immigration law field, we can connect organizations, like yours, with top immigration lawyers that can educate your membership and community. We would like to hold a workshop on deferred action in your city and with your participation to ensure we reach as many undocumented immigrants as possible. This workshop will not be a sales pitch, but an educational experience for your community. This collaboration between ILW.COM and your organization will entail the following benefits and expectations for you:

Benefits for your organization:

o The participation of a verified and knowledgeable immigration attorney in a workshop that will include a lengthy Q&A session

o Support from ILW.COM in logistics and outreach (e.g. we can provide you help with finding a suitable venue, creating flyers, drafting email blasts, etc)

o Address the attendees about your upcoming events, programs and how to get involved in your organization and campaigns

o The attorney will provide all the reference materials

o A sponsorship fee - we recognize the value and impact of your work in the community. We will provide a sponsorship fee for your programs and to subsidize any expenses incurred due to the workshop.

Expectations from your organization:

o Your commitment to spread the word about the workshop through your social networks, email lists, flyering and any other efforts to maximize attendance

o Your collaboration on the running of the workshop

If you are interested in taking part of this collaboration or have further questions, please email us at webmaster@ilw.com or call us at 212-545-0818.

We look forward to working together and helping undocumented youth and communities.