Via Syracuse University's TRAC:

Canceled Hearings. The tally for hearings canceled during the shutdown and its aftermath has also been affected by delays in getting their status updated in the court records. As of February 1, a total of 80,051 hearings that had been scheduled during the shutdown were either marked in the court's database as canceled due to the "Court Closure" or their entry was simply left untouched with their status remaining blank although the scheduled hearing date was now long past. If other reasons for cancellations during the shutdown such as 'Docket Management (postpone hearing)', 'IJ leave' / 'IJ reassignment', or canceled 'to allow for scheduling of priority case' are included then canceled hearing numbers rise to 94,115.

Also note:

New Filings. Unless there was a dramatic drop in arrests and removal actions initiated by immigration authorities during the shutdown period, there appear to be a sizable number of new filings yet to be recorded and reflected in the court's workload. As shown in Figure 1, while new Immigration Court cases fluctuated between roughly 20,000 - 25,000 a month before the shutdown, filings seeking deportation orders recorded for January plummeted to just under 5,600.