I just got out of court: Withholding of removal granted for a citizen of Mexico who fears persecution by the drug cartels on account of his family membership.

When I got this case my client was in custody after having a previous removal order reinstated, and was facing imminent deportation to Mexico. I was retained by his wife after telling her that it was going to be a long shot to win at best.

My first step was to prevent the Government from putting him on a plane back to Mexico. I then assisted in obtaining a favorable reasonable fear determination where my client was deemed credible. After that, I was able to secure his release from custody. After release, I prepared our defenses and legal argument for submission to the Court, and prepared our witnesses for trial.

Today at trial, the immigration judge granted withholding of removal, and the Department graciously accepted the Court's order as final. As a result, my client's citizen wife and children will no longer have to fear that he will be deported to a country where he will be likely murdered.