Via immigration lawyer Bridget Cambria:

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We remember Jennifer as one of the bravest children ever detained here in Berks or anywhere really. She was detained here in Pennsylvania for just about one year in 2014 when our country decided that children should be put in prisons and cages for legally asking for protection. She stood by her mother, strong, while they fought from detention to stay and live here in the United States. Her mother fought just as hard, every single day to protect her daughter. They fought every damn day in detention, against the mistreatment, the abuses, the lack of sleep, lack of personal freedom, until the very day a judge granted them asylum.

Our office was very affected yesterday to learn of the passing of Jennifer, one of our clients, and one of our children. I cannot begin or imagine how her most amazing mother is coping with this unspeakable tragedy. The very least we can do as a community is to support this mother -- its what we have to do. I know that every mother from Berks is mourning with her and has risen up to support her.

Please support this mother and help this family with costs that no one should ever have to bear. There was no one braver than Jennifer and her mother.

Below is the link to her GoFundMe page. Even a modest donation will go a long way, and will be very much appreciated.