My latest op-ed has been published on where I address Ted Cruz's promise to deport 12 million people if elected President. In it I explain that given current immigration court resources it would be a procedural impossibility for any President to deport 12 million people in two terms.

Here is a snippet:

But back to Ted Cruz, who by all accounts is a respected and experienced constitutional lawyer. It is entirely possible, if not likely, that Senator Cruz has no experience navigating the murky waters of U.S. immigration law, let alone the procedural aspects of a deportation case. As such, I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt with respect to his immigration ambitions, as misinformed as they may be. With that said, Senator Cruz’s promise to effectuate the mass deportation of 12 million people in the next decade is little more than fool’s gold, and in addition to being intellectually dishonest, is the fastest way for him to make history as the first native-born Canadian of Cuban descent to alienate the Latino electorate, and with it any legitimate chance at winning the White House.

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