The following update is from Professor Jenny Doyle who along with a team of volunteer immigration lawyers is fighting the Obama administration's shameful, and unlawful practice of jailing immigrant mothers and children in substandard conditions at a for profit deportation internment camp located in Dilley, Texas in direct violation of a federal court order.

"Many of us have been moved by the human refugee tragedy in Europe. My heart breaks to report that similar tragedies are taking place in our own backyard. This week I am humbled to be part of a cadre of attorneys from across the US working near the border providing pro bono legal services to women and children detained.

The dry terrain, and cacti in the foreground of the endless TX sky where children are housed and clean water is a commodity is nothing compared to the wake up call of shock with 7 a.m. coughs of children on their mother's hips-all detained. My last mommy client tonight had a seven year old with puss coming out of his eyes and a 108 fever accompanied with two weeks of diarrhea. She held his limp body as the legal team forced medical care for this child and I quickly took a sworn affidavit that this child has only been given water and Tylenol."

There simply are no words.