Facing harsh criticism from immigration advocates regarding the 387,790 people that the Obama Administration has deported from the United States since he took office, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is attempting to spin a report that contains deportation numbers for Fiscal Year 2009.

The Washington Post has reported that a DHS spokesman is trying to minimize the number of individuals "deported" by President Obama by excluding individuals who have received "voluntary departure" and who have not actually been removed from the United States under an order of removal (deportation).

This is nothing more than political spin.  Voluntary departure is a euphemism for voluntary deportation. Although an individual may avoid the stigma of an order of removal if they are granted voluntary deportation by attesting to their willingness to leave the United States within a set number of days (a maximum of 120 days) and by paying for their own way home to their native country, make no mistake about it, the individual MUST LEAVE the United States, and there is nothing voluntary about it.

If a person fails to depart the United States under a grant of voluntary departure the order automatically converts into an order of removal, they are subject to being taken into custody, held without bond as a flight risk, and are then forcibly removed from the United States.  Moreover, if the person fails to depart the United States as required they are further barred from obtaining relief from removal should their circumstances change at some point in the future.

In the vast majority of cases when an individual departs the United States under a grant of voluntary deportation they automatically trigger a ten-year bar.  The underlying order of removal also carries with it a ten year bar.  Either way the individual MUST LEAVE the United States, and may not return to the Country for ten years.  So in essence they must choose between a sharp stick in the eye, or a swift kick in the gut.

Do not let the Obama administration spin their record of mass deportations.  Obama is deporting people in record numbers, and my inside sources have told me that a temporary unofficial moratorium on the apprehension of non-criminal aliens has been lifted by our President.  As the saying goes you ain't seen nuthin' yet.

Is this the change you voted for?