Lory D. Rosenberg is an
award-winning attorney and owner of IDEAS Consultation & Coaching,
LLC, a unique immigration law consulting and mentoring practice providing
high-achieving immigration lawyers, leaders and businesses with comprehensive
analysis, strategy, expert opinion, and collaboration, so they can successfully
obtain visa approvals and lawful permanent residence, defend against removal,
and win appeals for their clients despite complex and challenging
circumstances.  Ms. Rosenberg is a national speaker and former adjunct
professor, who served from 1995-2002 as an appellate immigration judge on the
Board of Immigration Appeals. She is co-author of the leading treatise, Immigration
Law and Crimes
, was a featured columnist for Benders Immigration Bulletin
(2002-2007, and has extensive experience as a legal analyst, practitioner,
writer, trainer, non-profit director, litigator, policy advocate, and
decision-maker involving immigration law and policy. Her website is www.ideaswithlory.com.