We learned last week that hackers have been using the Arlington Immigration Court phone number to make "spoof" calls requesting personal information from the recipients. EOIR (the Executive Office for Immigration Review - the office that oversees the Immigration Courts) warns that, to "protect yourself, be wary of answering phone calls from numbers you do not recognize" and never "give out your personal information over the phone to individuals you do not know." Good advice. But how do you know whether a call from the Immigration Court is, in fact, fraudulent?

Fear not, for I stand ready to assist. Below are the top ten ways to know whether a phone call from EOIR is a "spoof" or the real deal. If you receive any of the following calls, hang up immediately because it ain't the Immigration Court--

10 - The caller says that your court date has changed and he wants to check your availability before rescheduling.

9 - The caller tells you that she looked into your Asylum Clock issue and they have decided to re-start the Clock.

8 - The caller uses words such as "due process," "equal protection," "the Constitution" or "I'll take care of that right away."

7 - The caller states that there is a minor error in your filing, but the clerk has corrected it and they will accept the document.

6 - The caller leaves a message for you to call her back. You call her back and she answers the phone.

5 - The caller asks whether you need an interpreter for your upcoming hearing. But you don't understand because you need an interpreter.

4 - The caller says that they just received your emergency motion and that they are taking action immediately.

3 - The caller congratulates you for being the two millionth respondent in Immigration Court and offers you a Green Card for a prize.

2 - The caller says that you missed your hearing, and she wants to check whether you are okay. She also tells you not to worry; the hearing will be rescheduled so you can attend.

1 - Someone from the Immigration Court calls you.

So there you have it. If you receive a call like any of these, it is clearly not EOIR. Hang up and never answer your phone again. That is the best way to stay safe in these troubled times.

Originally posted on the Asylumist: www.Asylumist.com