My name is Jason Dzubow.  I am an immigration attorney who specializes in political asylum cases.  I recently started a blog about asylum (The Asylumist), and now ILW has invited me to blog for them.  I am very excited and honored by this opportunity.  To learn more about me, you can visit my website, Mensah & Dzubow, PLLC.

This will be a blog about political asylum in the United States.  I hope it will serve as a forum for discussion about the law, policy, and politics of asylum.  I'll cover issues related to asylees' mental health, their experience in the asylum system, and their adjustment to life in the United States.  I hope to hear from different people involved in the asylum process: asylum seekers, lawyers and advocates, academics, policy-types, health professionals, and activists.  I hope this website will contribute to a better understanding of the asylum system in the United States.