A very disturbing February 13 article in The Guardian by Jason Stanley, a Yale professor and one of America's leading experts on fascism, warns of the dangers to America's democracy posed by Florida governor Ron De Santis' laws banning the distribution of books about or the teaching of Critical Race Theory and many other subjects dealing with past and present racial discrimination in America. See:

Banning ideas and authorts is not a "culture war" - it's fascism


While many of the items on the banned lists of De Santis and his counterparts in some other GOP states deal with topics that go beyond immigration - and are therefore outside the scope of this comment, this far-right wing book and educational banning - which Stanley compares to 1930's Germany - has implications which could directly affect the teaching of - or even writing about - America's immigration history

For there can be no question that our immigation history is grounded on racism and has racism at its very core. Nor have these racist attitutes by any means disappeared from our current immigration system.

To be continued.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law