The "mainstream" corporate media seem to have completely forgotten about immigration, which was widely reported as being one of the main Republican talking points leading up to this past Tuesday's election, in all the news stories about how the projected "Red Wave", i.e Republican landslide, failed to materialize. But while the Democrats, and President Joe Biden's reputation, did much better on Tuesday than all the pundits had predicted, the grim reality is that the fiercely anti-immigrant Republicans are still almost certain to take over the House of Representatives; and at this writing, are given an even chance of taking over the Senate.

Given the furious GOP attempts to stir up fear and hysteria against legal as well as undocumented immigrants by, among other things, spreading the white supremacist "Great Replacement Theory", as an essential part of their attack on democracy itself, we can expect much more of the same in the runup to the 2024 election. So while it appears that the GOP's election strategy of stirring up anti-immigrant animosity as reported, for example in the New York Times;

and the Financial Times:

Despite having failed to achieve the GOP's immediate goals of wiping out the Democrats in this year's election and paving the way for Donald Trump or sone other right-wing "strongman" to take over the presidency in 2024, the Republicans will still be in a position to do extensive damage to America's immigration system - and to the human rights of immigrants, their families and communities. during the coming two years. What are some of the Republican actions against immigrants and their basic rights that we can expect between now and 2024?

First, there is the use of Congressional investigative power. Republican leaders have already signaled that they will conduct an endless Benghazi-style investigation of DHS Secretary Mayorkas handling of the so-called "Trumped-up" (no pun intended!) "Border Crisis" - which is the GOP's term for the increase in nonwhite asylum seekers and other immigrants fleeing poverty, gang violence and dictatorship in Latin America and elsewhere at the US- Mexican border.

The GOP objective will undoubtedly be to demonize Mayorkas - who is committed to trying to maintain at least some semblance of a fair and humane immigration system, in every way possible and, no doubt, to try to force his resignation or impeachment. See the following April, 2022 message by RNC Chairman Jim Banks:

This will most likely be combined with non-stop GOP impeachment proceedings against President Biden, again with hatred and vilification of nonwhite immigrants as "criminals" and claims of failure to maintain "border security" high on the list of accusations against him.[-list/

To be continued.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law
Harvard Law School LL.B
Harvard College A.B