As evidence of horrific Russian atrocities in Ukraine continues to mount and the first war crimes trial against a Russian soldier gets underway, it is easy to forget how close America came to going fascist in January, 2021. That was when Donald Trump, in a desperate attempt to overturn the 2020 presidential election, tried to pressure his VP, Mike Pence, to throw out the votes of more than 80 million Americans single-handedly, and send the election over to be decided by Republican state legislatures committed to racial voter suppression and gerrymandering.

During that same month, according to growing evidence, Trump was involved, at least to some extent, inciting the January 6 violent insurrection by his supporters against the US government in support of an alleged coup that would have kept him in power. Suppose that Trump had succeeded in overthrowing our democracy, as he has been accused of trying to do, and had stayed in power. Would America be giving the full, essential support to Ukraine in its fight for freedom and survival against Russian fascist aggression that Ukraine is now receiving from our legitimate, duly elected president, Joe Biden?

The evidence is entire to the contrary. While Trump has at times joined the bipartisan criticism of Russia's fascist aggression against Ukraine, accurately referring to it as "genocide", he has also praised Putin as a "genius" and "smart". At the same time, Trump has led other right-wing Republicans in trying to convince Americans that the biggest threat to this country is not from Putin's fascist aggression, which threatens freedom not only in Europe but throughout the world, but from brown and black immigrants seeking refuge from dictatorship, gang violence and poverty in the Caribbean and Latin America. Trump has in fact said that admitting these immigrants would be a "death wish" for America.

To be continued.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law