The world continues to recoil in horror over fresh reports, almost each day, of Russian war crimes involving the murder of Ukrainian children. But some Republican extremists in the US are also advocating a crime against humanity involving babies - if they are undocumented immigrants in ICE custody.

Far right wing GOP figures such as Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene (Ga.) Texas governor Greg Abbott and Stephen Miller, Trump's former anti-immigrant Rasputin or Torquemada, are, in all seriousness, condemning the Biden administration for providing baby formula to infants in immigration custody. If the above report of their statements is accurate, it would seem that these prominent Republicans would be just as happy to let these immigrant babies starve.

See: Huffington Post, May 12:

Republicans Criticize Biden For Not Starving Undocumented Babies

Evidently, Putin and his Russian butchers do not have a monopoly in violating the essential human rights of innocent children.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law