Every day, the madia are showing new reports of horrific Russian war crimes in Ukraine committed by the army of a brutal Russian tyrant, who is carrying on the biggest war that the world has seen since the Nazi defeat in WW2,, while bringing the entire human race closer to the possibility of nuclear extinction.

If it were not for the courageous leadership of President Joe Biden in uniting the leaders of the countries most immediately threatened by Putin's fascist aggression in providing military and economic support for Ukraine, Putin might already be in control of large parts of Europe and in a position to threaten other parts of the world - where he has already shown his willingness to commit appalling crimes against humanity in places such as Syria.

America, and the world, owe an enormous debt of gratitude to President Biden and need to unite in support his battle to defend freedom, democracy and the future of this planet against Putin's thinly veiled threats of nuclear extinction if he does not get his way. But what are Republican politicians, led by an ex-president whose attitudes toward Putin have been ambiguous and inconsistent at best, and who is making every possible attempt to overthrow our own democracy through use of the "Stolen Election" Big LIe, in addition to mounting indications that he may have had at least some responsibility for inciting his supporters to overthrow of the US government by a violent insurrection on January 6, 2021, doing to support President Biden?

To be sure, many, if not nearly all Republican politicians have given Biden lip service by speaking out against what even Trump himself has accurately condemned as Putin's aggression and "genocide" in Ukraine. But at the same time, many Republicans, aided and abetted by some cowardly Democratic politicians worried about their re-election chances, are now trying to undermine President Biden's courageous leadership by increasing their racist attacks against brown and black immigrants at the US-Mexico border. At the center of this attack is the us of Title 42 ,which was originally supposed to be a Covid-19 public health measure, but has in fact been used to expel immigrants at the US border and, according to human rights advocates, has led to violence against over 10,000 asylum seekers who were summarily sent back to Mexico under Title 42.

The Biden administration has announced plans to end the Title 42 assault on the internationally recognized human right to political asylum on May 23. In response, Republican politicians, supported by cowardly Democratic politicians as mentioned above, are fanning the flames of anti-immigrant racism at the US-Mexico border even higher.

The Guardian, reporting on May 1, describes Republican attacks against DHS chief Alejandro Mayorkas over the decision to terminate Title 42 at the border as follows:

"For more than eight hours, across two days, Republicans pelted Mayorkas with accusations and insults, demanding that he accept the blame for what they described as dangerous and dire conditions along the 2,000 mile border with Mexico...

In another tense exchange, Ken Buck of Colorado said his constituents believed that that Mayorks was guilty of treason and deserved to be impeached - something conservatives have vowed to pursue if they win the House."

In their fixation on pursuing a white supremacist anti-immigrant agenda at the border, for which Title 42 has now become a symbol, Republican politicians are ignoring what immigration and human rights activists are accurately calling the "grave humanitarian consequences" for asylum -seekers at the border.

But it is not only Republican politicians who are helping Putin by using hysteria over what they are fond of calling an anticipated "surge" or "onslaught" of brown and black immigrants at the border due to the demise of Title 42 as a weapon against the Biden administration. The Republicans are being assisted by craven Democratic office-holders who appear to be more concerned about their own re-election chances than they are about standing up for justice and human rights at the border - or helping Biden defend Ukraine - and the world - against a fascist Russian assault that could lead to WW3 and a nuclear conflagration.

The Guardian reports:

"But some vulnerable Democrats have appealed to Biden to hold off lifting the [Title 42] order, fearing it could be a political liability ahead of a difficult election cycle."

These timid, scared, Democratic politicians do not seem to realize that weakening Biden's position at home by opposing his support for human rights at the US border could ultimately make it easier for Putin to continue his atrocities against human rights in Ukraine - and beyond

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law
Harvard College A.B.
Harvard Law School LL.B