Update: April 23:

POLITICO reports on April 22 that President Joe Biden's administration is standing firm on its promise to end the human rights violation at the US-Mexican border known as Title 42.

It is beyond dispute that using Title 42 to turn away hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of asylum seekers at the US-Mexican border was never seriously meant to be a health measure, but was only a pretext to turn away brown and black immigrants seeking refuge from dictatorship and violence in Latin America and the Caribbean.

By standing firm for human rights against Putin's fascist aggression and crimes against humanity in Ukraine, and Republican racism (supported by some cowardly Democratic politicians worried about re-election) at the US border, Biden appears poised to go down as one of the greatest, most courageous, presidents in all of US history.

My previous comment, based on earlier news reports, appears below.

Even some of President Biden's most vocal opponents have had to admit that he has shown great courage and fortitude in helping Ukraine defend democracy and human rights against Putin's war crimes and genocide (which Biden has also couragely called by their right names, despite criticism from some people who are afraid t speak the truth. It is highly disconcerting, therefore to read that Biden may be taking the path of a coward and abandoning his support for the human rights of immigrants at the US-Mexican border.

But this is exactly what an April 19 Axios article reports that Biden may be planning to do. According to this report, the Biden administration is considering "postponing", i.e. reneging, on its plan to terminate the use of Title 42, which both Trump and Biden have been using a bogus "Public Health" measure to turn away brown and black immigrants at the border in violation of their human right to seek asylum in the US. No one claims any longer that Title 42 iis effective in or needed to prevent Covid -19. This argument is just as fake as Putin's claims that he is not committing war crimes against innocent civilians in Ukraine.

Instead, Republican white supremacist politicians and some cowardly Democratic politicians worried about their re-election chances are joining the chorus that is warning about an "onslaught" of immigrants from the Caribbean and Latin America who are seeking refuge from violence and other human rights buses in their home countries, and a better life for their children, in the United States. if Title 42 is ended at the border.

Will President Joe Biden, who has shown
such courageous leadership in fighting for the human rights of white Ukrainians, turn tail and run like a coward when it comes to protecting the human tights of black and brown immigrants at the US border?

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law
Harvard College A.B.
Harvard Law School LL.B