Update, April 19:

The Hill reports on April 19 that some Democrats, worried that a "surge" in migration at the US-Mexican border resulting from the Biden administration's proposed cancellation of Title 42 may hurt their reelection chances this fall, are urging the president to "back off" and keep Title 42 in force. it seems that these cowardly Democrats don't mind perpetuating a crime against humanity which has already affected over 10,000 nonwhite immigrants at the border according to Human Rights groups if it will help these Democratic politicians gain votes.

My original comment follows

Almost from President Joe Biden's first day in office, one of the most popular pastimes in the US media across the political spectrum has been to attack him for being "weak", "Ineffective", "incompetent" and a "loser". Republicans have vowed that if they regain control of the House in this fall's election, as appears likely, in large part due to their gerrymandering and voter suppression activities, the first thing they will do is pass an impeachment resolution against Biden.

Before it is too late, the American people must wake up to the fact that our democracy is in acute danger from an increasingly fascist leaning Republican party still in thrall (to a large extent) to Donald Trump, whose ideas regarding freedom, presidential power and human rights are closer to those of Vladimir Putin (whom he has praised as "smart" and "a genius") than they are to the framers of America's Declaration of Independence and our Constitution

As the world recoils in horror at the savage butchery against innocent civilians being committed daily in Bucha and many other towns and cities throughout Ukraine by Russian war criminals under the direction of War Criminal-in-Chief Vladimir Putin, we must not forget that many other human rights violations and Crimes Against Humanity are taking place throughout the world - in including the US-Mexican border. A report in The Guardian states that the remains of 227 migrants who attempted to cross the border were discovered in Arizona alone in 2020.

The same article reports that a woman trying to climb over a section of the Mexican border wall while seeking a better life for her young children fell and choked to death after being tangled in her own rope. See, April 16:

They left her hanging: details emerge of woman's death at US-Mexico border

This is only one instance of thousands of Crimes Against Humanity which have taken pace at the US-Mexican border involving nonwhite immigrants who have been trying to escape from violence, poverty and other human rights abuses in their home countries. One of the main culprits has been Title 42, which was used at the border as a bogus "Public Health" pretext from the very beginning by the Trump-Miller regime, and has now at long last been abolished as an anti-immigration measure by President Biden.

The hysterical abuse that Trump-supporting Republican politicians and media have directed against the president for ending Title 42 at the border shows that Biden had great courage in ending this atrocity, which human rights organizations hold responsible for over 10,000 instances of kidnapping, rape and other abuses against immigrants who have been sent back to Mexico.

This is the same type of courage that President Biden has shown in leading the world in imposing sanctions against Russia for what he has accurately called "War Crimes" and "Genocide" in Ukraine, while providing arms to enable the brave Ukrainian people to fight back and protect freedom, not only in their country, but throughout the world.

This is what Americans should be thinking about, first and foremost, whenever we hear inflamed shouting from Trump-supporting GOP politicians about the supposed "dangers" (or "death wish for America", to use Trump's term) about the so-called "surge" or "invasion" by innocent, peaceful women, children and other brown and black immigrants at the border due to the long-overdue demise of Title 42.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law
Harvard College A.B.
Harvard Law School LL.B.