Update: April 7, 8:38 pm:

Fears are now growing that Russian war crimes and crimes against humanity in Ukraine could lead to actual genocide. See, The Guardian, April 7:

Fears genocidal language in Russian media may prompt more war crimes

This raises even bigger questions about the morality of the attempt by some Republican politicians to dilute focus on the effort to prevent and punish Putin's crimes against humanity by diverting attention to the so-called "border crisis" caused by the Biden administration's effort to show at least a little more respect for the human rights of nonwhite immigrants at the US-Mexican border - by terminating the use of Title 42 of the US Code as a bogus "Public Health" measure.

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The world is reeling in horror at the appalling images of the massacre of innocent civilians by retreating Russian soldiers in the Ukrainian town of Bucha, amid reports than many were tortured before being brutally murdered. It is also becoming more obvious than ever before that this is Putin's regular way of conducting warfare, and that more Russian genocide and war crimes can be expected as Russia's invasion of Ukraine continues. It is now beyond dispute that Putin's aggression against Ukraine's democracy is part of an attempt to make all of Europe subservient to Putin's fascist regime and extinguish freedom around the world, as Anne Applebaum writes in The Atlantic on April 1. See:


But at least some Republican politicians appear not to be bothered by this, as they continue their campaign of diversion and distraction from the real threat to humanity by Putin's aggressive, nuclear-armed dictatorship; and instead focus on the alleged "border surge" of nonwhite refugees from dictatorship, poverty and violence in Haiti and Central America.

For these Republicans, political gain by appealing to American voters who are interested in maintaining US white supremacy is evidently more important than protecting the world against an aggressive regime of Russian fascist war criminals which threatens the peace and stability of the entire planet.

This type of thinking also, unfortunately, finds support in US media articles that help in spreading the false narrative that peaceful immigration by black and brown refugees and asylum-seekers at the US-Mexican border is somehow more dangerous to America than Putin's nuclear sabre-rattling, genocide and crimes against humanity in his effort to wipe out democracy and human rights, not only in Europe, bur across the globe.

As just one example of this media complacency which threatens our own democracy, see The Hill, April 7:

Vulnerable Senate Democrats undercut Biden on Title 42

Title 42, of course, refers to the policy that Trump and Stephen Miller put in place on phoney "Health Protection" grounds according to a plan that was reportedly originated before Covid-19 hit, and has been used as a pretext to expel over a million nonwhite immigrants at the US border by both the Trump and Biden administrations.

According to Human Rights groups, over 10,000 migrants who were expelled from the US at the Mexican border based on this bogus policy subsequently suffered severe human rights violations, including kidnapping, rape and torture. See ACLU, March 22:

Five Things to Know About the Title 42 Immigrant Expulsion Policy

For some Republican political leaders, including the AG's of Louisiana, Arizona and Missouri who are suing in federal court to force President Biden to continue this evil and inhuman policy, keeping America white by expelling brown and black migrants at the Southern border apparently takes priority over protecting the world - including the US - from Putin's fascist regime of war criminals.

See, Al-Jazeera, April 4

Three states sue Biden administration over ending Title 42

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