Amid reports of horrific crimes against humanity in the form of mass murder of innocent civilians by Russian soldiers in Ukraine, as well as signs of growing support for fascism at home by Trump supporters and other right wing GOP politicians, it is more urgent than ever before to focus on helping Ukraine defeat the barbaric Russian aggression with threatens to bring the world to the brink of nuclear extinction.

This makes makes it essential to avoid becoming bogged down in distractions such as the bogus "Migrant Surge" scare being promoted by Republican politicians who are opposed to America's progress toward becoming a true multiracial democracy.

America has a long history of going through racial or political "scares" which have drawn attention away from this country's real problems, but produced useful propaganda for demagogic politicians. One thinks of the late 19th and early 20th century "Yellow Peril" scare which led to the infamous 1882 first Chinese exclusion law.

Another example is the "Red Scare" just after WW1, when all "left wing" political views, including support for racial equality and worker's rights, were considered to be signs of an impending communist takeover. We are now entering another "scare" propaganda period, with endless media headlines about the coming "Migrant Surge", or "border crisis" in the wake of President Biden's announced cancellation of the Trump/Miller use of US Code Title 42 to expel brown and black immigrants at the Mexican border on fake "Public Health" grounds.

The Biden administration has finally announced that it will no longer follow the Trump-era policy of using Title 42 of the US Code to bar immigrants from entering the US at the Mexican border on bogus "Public Health" grounds - something that Trump's top immigration advisor Stephen Miller was reportedly planning even before Covid-19 hit. The Title 42 order will end on May 23.

This welcome news raises an obvious question - what took President Biden so long to reverse this openly racist policy, which caused horrendous human rights violations suffering to more than ten thousand expelled asylum-seekers, mainly from Central America and Haiti? According to human rights organizations, that is the number of innocent people who were kidnapped, rapd or tortured in Mexico after being expelled from the US on bogus Title 42 "covid-19 protection" grounds.

Why didn't President Biden cancel this violation of basic human rights immediately, or soon after, taking office, just as he did with Trump's Muslim Ban and tried to so with "Trump's Remain in Mexico" (until he wa blocked by ideological right-wing federal judges)?

One cannot avoid asking whether the administration's decision to end using Title 42 at the border - which should have been done over a year ago - was related to the fact that white refugees from the Ukraine are now showing up at the border to seek entry, and that Title 42 is no longer being used exclusively against brown and black immigrants.

This does not mean that the Ukrainian refugees are unwelcome in the US - of course not! America should open its doors as wide as possible to these innocent victims of the largest-scale war crimes since WW2.

And this leads to the main question raised by President Biden's long overdue cancellation of the use of Title 42 at the border: There is bound to be increased pressure from immigration opponents to use the demise of Title 42 as a pretext to divert attention away from the battle against the genocide and crimes against humanity now being perpetrated in Ukraine by the most ruthless war criminal that the world has known since the Nazi regime during WW2.

I refer to Vladimir Putin, whom America's leading immigration opponent, Donald Trump, has praised as "smart", and a "genius."

Instead, we can expect a barrage of right-wing propaganda aimed at convincing the American public that an expected "Migrant Surge" - i.e. increase in nonwhite immigration through the Mexican border - is a greater danger to America than the ruthless Russian tyrant who may be threatening the entire world with nuclear extinction.

See, Washington Post, April 3:

Russian Troops pull back from Kyiv, exposing horrors of war

Trump himself has been leading the charge by calling the admission of nonwhite immigrants at the Mexican border a "death wish" for America - strongly implying that America needs a Putin-like fascist-style "strongman" to maintain white supremacy and prevent America from becoming a truly multiracial, multicultural democracy.

To be continued in Part 2 of this 2-part series.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law
Harvard College A.B.
Harvard Law School LL.B