As America and (most of) the world express shock and outrage over the Russian attack on a Ukrainian maternity hospital, while continuing to reduce Ukrainian cities to rubble and blocking civilian escape routes, there are increasing calls for prosecuting Putin and his fascist associates as war criminals.

The horrors of Russian war crimes and genocide against the Ukrainian nation underscore the urgency of fighting against a fascist takeover in the US, fueled by the anti-immigrant racism which is central to the US right-wing white supremacist and nationalist movement.

While the Biden administration, and the Trump administration before it, have not dropped bombs on immigrants of color who are fleeing from violence and political turmoil in their own countries, or are simply seeking a better life in the United States, just as their white predecessors did before them, there have been numerous, ongoing, large scale violations of immigrants' basic human rights. These include, but not limited to, the continuing use of Title 42 to turn back immigrants at the US-Mexican border on bogus health grounds, and a court order directing the Biden administration to keep in force the infamous Trump/Miller "Remain in Mexico" policy against asylum -seekers.

While another right wing federal court order directing the Biden administration to bar unaccompanied children from entering the US to seek asylum may not be as horrendous as the Russian bombing of a Ukrainian maternity hospital, the spirit of disregarding the human rights of a targeted population based on nationality, ethnicity of political ideology is not very different.

To be continued.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law