Continuing reports of racist inhumanity against black and brown immigrants are coming from both sides of the Atlantic. In Ukraine, where Putin's Russian invaders are engaging in large scale war crimes by using scorched-earth tactics against innocent civilians, there have been more reports that Ukrainian guards are beating and brutalizing Nigerian and Indian students who are trying to escape to Poland along with white Ukranians. See:


While Europe and America react in horror against Russia's crimes against humanity, and unite to oppose its brutal aggression against a fellow white country, there was much less reaction against Putin's war crimes in nonwhite countries such as Libya, Syria and the Central African Republic.

Why is there such a disparity in the response to Russian war crimes against a European country. as opposed to the tepid reaction against Putin's war crimes in the Middle East and Africa?

For a reports of Ukrainian harassment against MIddle Eastern students trying to flee the inhuman Russian assault, see:

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law
Harvard College A.B.
Harvard Law School LL.B