Update, March 3:

There are continuing reports of discrimination and harassment of African and other nonwhite immigrants seeking to escape to other eastern European countries from the Russian war crimes and human rights violations in Ukraine. See: aol.com:

Black and brown refugees are once again being turned away in Europe amid Ukraine migrant crisis


My earlier comment appears below.

As Ukraine, with the help of the international community, fights back against fascist-style Russian aggression, war crimes,


and and crimes against humanity, in the form of indiscriminate bombing and missile attacks against innocent civilians, including children; there have been disturbing reports of discrimination and racism by Ukrainian guards against African immigrants who are also trying to flee to countries such as Poland along with white Ukranians.


For a later report, see:


One can also ask whether there was the same level of outrage in western countries when Russia committed similar crimes against humanity targeting nonwhite populations in places such as Syria and Afghanistan.

Finally, while this does in any way excuse Russia's brutality, inhumanity and war crimes in Ukraine, America needs to do more to face up to its own record of human rights violations and crimes against humanity against brown immigrants at the US-Mexican border.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law