As the world faces the most dangerous crisis to human rights and world peace since Hitler took over Czechoslovakia in 1938 (when no one had nuclear weapons) some Republican politicians (led by Donald Trump at a recent rally in Texas) are claiming that, instead of protecting the people of Ukraine, a peaceful, democratic country, against very possible imminent Russian aggression with a huge cost in human life and threat to the security of the entire world, America should concentrate on violating the human rights of brown and black immigrants seeing asylum and a better life in America at the US-Mexico border.

For a graphic report about how Ukrainian-Americans are reacting to Putin's threat to impose dictatorship in Ukraine by force and violence through military aggression, and about what they think of GOP politicians who believe that blocking nonwhite immigrants at the Mexican border is more important than protecting Ukraine against Hitler-type aggression which could lead to a new world war and the nuclear extinction of humanity, see POLITICO (February 21):

Ukrainian American Voters Keep a Wary Eye on Russia - and the GOP

To be continued.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law