Why are the Republicans fighting so furiously to stop brown and black American citizens from voting, or having their votes counted? The answer is that this for the the same reason that they are desperately trying to stop brown and black immigrants from coming to or remaining in the United States. As Fox News analyst Juan William writes in The Hill, the Republicans are, more than ever before, the party of white voters - 83 percent. See :


Concerning voting rights, Williams writes, regarding the Republicans' attempts to pass voter suppression and subversion laws in many states aimed against mainly urban nonwhite voters:

"But it is heartbreaking to see any group of patriotic Americans turn their eyes away from these underhanded attempts to erode the right to vote and diminish the power of the minority vote. These tactics are a threat to every American's constitutional right to representative government.

History will condemn today's Senate Republicans for standing idle while their party colleagues at the state level do the dirty work of tripping up voters of color."

But it is not only brown and black American citizens whose rights are being targeted by Republican racial politics. The same desperate attempt by Republican politicians to maintain white supremacy with regard to voting rights is also at the heart of The Republican anti-immigrant agenda, fueled by an overtly white supremacist doctrine known as the "White Replacement Theory".

See Axios:

Racist 'white replacement theory' goes mainstream with Republicans


To be continued,

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law