One of the first things that President Joe BIden did immediately upon taking office in January 2021 was to cancel Donald Trump's Muslim Ban executive order, which was an open violation of the guarantee of religious freedom enshrined in the US Constitution, as well as of the principle that all people are created equal on which this nation was founded. If President Biden had done nothing else to reverse Trump's immigration agenda (and Biden has in fact done much more than this to undo Trump's damage to the immigration system - despite keeping Title 42 in place), this alone would show the difference between the two chief executives regarding immigration.

Under the Trump regime, immigration policy was based on hate - not only against Muslims, but against all brown and black immigrants. Under President Biden, the immigration system is moving back toward equality and humanity. - even if not as quickly as those of us who care about justice and human rights for immigrants would like. However, even though most Americans of good will agree that Trump's Muslim Ban order belongs in the dustbin of US anti-immigrant history - along with the anti-Irish Know-Nothing movement, Chinese exclusion laws and policies which excluded Jewish immigrants trying to escape the Holocaust - up to now, there has been little or now research on the actual effect of Trump's Muslim Ban on the lives of real people - real human beings (however reluctant Trump and his minions might have been to admit this).

This omission has now been remedied by a study conducted by the Huffington Post, which shows the appalling consequences on the lives of hundreds, if not thousands of human beings whose lives were disrupted (or in sme cases ended) for no other reason than the fact that they were citizens of predominantly Muslim countries included in the Ban order. See:

Trump's Travel Ban Forever Changed The LIves Of Muslims Around The World

To be continued.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law