No one can deny that President Joe Biden has run into obstacles during his first year as US president. He has endured withering criticism both from Republicans and from the mainstream media for everything from the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan (which Trump negotiated) to the failures of his legislative agenda, including voting rights and environmental protection, due in large part to two Democratic quislings in the Senate, Manchin and Sinema, who consistently vote with the Republicans to block his agenda.

But when it comes to immigration, there would seem to be little reason for the furious, scathing attacks that Biden's opponents are directing against him. To give just one example, Spencer Brown, in an article on a right wing website, alleges that due to Biden:

"The Southern border is entirely open, save for a few portions where actual leaders [presumably a reference to demagogic Republican governors such a Greg Abbot of Texas who are hyping anti-immigrant hate] are taking action on their own to secure the US-Mexico border."

The author doesn't mention that Biden is still turning back thousands of asylum-seekers at the border using Title 42, which Trump and Miller initiated as a bogus "public health" measure to keep out brown immigrants even before Covid-19 hit.

Nor does the author mention that Biden is still enforcing "Remain in Mexico" (at the instance of right wing federal judges, including a far-right Supreme Court majority that includes three Trump appointees). This is another Trump/Miller policy that was expressly deigned to cause as much suffering to brown-skinned asylum seekers and expose them to as much violence and other dangers as possible, in violation of US and international human rights law.

Even the title of the above article:

It Only Took One Year for Biden to Destroy America

could be considered as referring to a racial dogwhitsle that some Trump supporters have been using to refer to brown and black immigrants - who are allegedly "Destroying America" - even if the author of this particular comment had no such intention.

In summary, President Biden has left in place the two most infamous measures that Trump and Miller instituted to stop brown and black unauthorized immigrants from entering the US. To be sure, using Title 42 and "Remain in Mexico" to help keep America white could be looked at as "Destroying America" from the standpoint of Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" ideal of an America without racial discrimination, But that is clearly not what Trump supporters mean when they accuse black and brown immigrants of "Destroying America".

Even though President Biden's opponents rarely mention this, the main area in which he has reversed the Trump/Miller regime's bigoted agenda has been with regard to legal immigration. Biden has eliminated Trump's Muslim Ban, as well as the new Public Charge rule which was designed to make drastic reductions in family based green cards, especially for immigrants from less affluent, nonwhite countries.

Biden has also reversed the Trump/Miller attempt to destroy the H-1B program by redefining the meaning of "specialty occupation" so that almost no occupations would qualify. Eliminating H-1B would have had especially drastic consequences in reducing legal immigration from India, China and other Asian countries.

But this is not what many Trump supporters want the American public to believe when they push their false claims about President Biden's allegedly welcoming "criminal" and "terrorist" immigrants to enter America illegally through the "open" southern border.

Trying to foment animosity against brown immigrants, a tactic which played a big role in electing Trump in 2016, also serves another purpose for Trump supporters in 2022. It diverts attention from the Republicans' attack on democracy itself, epitomized in Trump's Big Lie about the 2020 "Stolen Election" - which was rejected by some 60 judges, some of whom were Trump appointees, in baseless, bad faith lawsuits brought by Trump supporters without a shred of evidence of any significant electoral fraud.

The Republicans' attempts to stop brown and black immigrants from entering or remaining in the US legally are only a part of their larger goal of destroying democracy through election subversion and violence, as we witnessed on January 6, 2021, in order to set up a white supremacist dictatorship in America.

Emory University African-American Studies professor Carol Anderson writes:

"The January 6 [2021] invasion of the US Capitol, provoked by the lie that cities with sizable minority populations, such as Atlanta, Milwaukee and Philadelphia "stole" the 2020 election is, at its core, white supremacists' anger that African Americans, Hispanics, Asian Americans and Native Americans not only voted but did so decisively against Donald Trump...

In other words, this nation has a really bad habit of letting white supremacists get away with repeated attempts to murder American democracy."

The above is not to say that everyone who is dissatisfied with the results of President Joe Biden's first year in office is a white supremacist or wishes to overthrow democracy. There is also a great deal of dissatisfaction with Biden among liberals and immigration advocates, who believe he should be doing more, and at a faster pace, to undo the damage that the Donald Trump regime did to the causes of immigration, racial equality and democracy in America.

But the fact remains that Joe Biden is America's best and last defence against takeover by a white supremacist, proto-fascist dictatorship. That is why Donald Trump and the Republican politicians who support him are so eager to get rid of President Joe Biden.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law
Harvard College A.B.
Harvard Law LL.B