As I suggested in Part 1 of this comment, Immigration advocates have been far too silent about Republican attempts to destroy democracy by enacting state voter suppression laws aimed against nonwhite US citizens, and electing supporters of Trump's 2020 "Stolen Election" Big Lie to key positions in various states with power to subvert the electoral process.

The relative silence by immigration advocates against this attempt to destroy America's system of fair and open elections may be in part because immigrants don't vote unless and until they become US citizens. Also, many immigration advocates are focused on the day to day details of immigration, such as the number of visas available, the time it takes to receive USCIS decisions, what will happen in the coming H-1B Cap-subject lottery season; and how to remedy the numerous injustices associated with immigration enforcement and asylum, such as, to name the most egregious, "Remain in Mexico" and the Biden administration's continued irrational, indefensible, use of Title 42 to turn back immigrants seeking entry at the US-Mexico border.

These details are of course important, and should not be neglected or overlooked. But there is a much bigger and more dangerous threat to immigration afoot - namely Republican attempts to destroy America's current multi-racial, multicultural democracy and set up a white supremacist dictatorship.

This threat is described in a January 19 article in The Guardian by hustorian and Georgetown University professor Thomas Zimmer called:

America must take steps now to avoid a slide into authoritarianism

While this article does not discuss immigration specifically, it shows clearly that the Republican attack on democracy based on fair and open elections is also an attack on America's racially diverse and inclusive society. The goal of the Republican politicians who are trying to subvert our democracy is not only to establish a one-party dictatorship.

Their goal is to impose a dictatorship run by a white, mainly male, elite. There will be no room for demographic, i.e. racial, diversity in such a system. This would mean the end of immigration - legal as well as irregular - a goal which came much closer to accomplishment under the white supremacist Trump-Miller regime than most people recognize or are willing to admit.

Another warning against the dangers of Republican election subversion tactics and the dangers they present to our democracy appears in a vox. com article by Zack Beaucharmp called:

Democrats voting rights push in Congress is over. The fight for democracy isn't.

Anyone who cares about the survival of our democracy, which is seriously threatened by white supremacist Republican election subversion, should also read Beauchamp's earlier (December 9, 2021) article:

American democracy is tottering. It's not clear that Americans care.

To be continued.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law
Harvard College A.B.
Harvard Law School LL.B