The Guardian reports on January 13 that there has been an alarming development which should be of the greatest concern to everyone who cares about the survival of America's democracy. According to this report, a number of Republican politicians who supported Trump's attempt to subvert the 2020 election and cling to power against the will of American voters have formed an alliance to run for the office of Secretary of State. This would give them the power to distort the election results in favor of Trump or some other Republican presidential candidates in key swing states in 2024, recodeless of the actual vote result in those states. See:

According to the report, the alliance calls itself "Coalition of America First Secretary of State Candidates". There arecurrently eight member of the coalition, including Trump-endorsed candidates in key swing states such as Georgia, Arizona and Michigan.

More Trump-supporting secretary of state candidates, all committed to promoting Big Lie about having "won" the 2020 election, are expected to join the coalition soon.

The Guardian comments:

"The revelation can only heighten jitters about the fragile state of American democracy."

In view of this dangerous development, which could in effect mean the end of American democracy - since there is no democracy without a fair vote count - we can expect even more attempts by GOP politicians to divert attention to the so-called Mexican border "Crisis" made up of nonwhite asylum seekers trying to find refuge in America from violence, poverty and political chaos or dictatorship in their home Caribbean or Latin American countries.

Look fro even more accusations from Republican governors or other leading GOP politicians that "criminals', potential "terrorists" and "drug traffickers" our "pouring into" the US along the "open" US-Mexico border,and that President Biden is allegedly doing nothing to stop this. See:

The implication behind these accusations is that only a Trump-like "Strongman" supposedly representing the interests of white Americans can stop this "threat" to America from brown and black immigrants.

If the coalition of secretary of state candidates who support Trump's Big Lie about the "Stolen" 2020 election gets its way, America could be ruled by such an anti-immigrant strongman beginning in 2024. That would mean the end of our democracy.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law
Harvard College A.B.
Harvard Law School LL.B.