Just in case anyone thinks that warnings about an impending Republican fascist-style coup in 2024 are overblown, and that there are more important issues to deal with (such as the price of gas or the supply of poplar grocery items - not that those issues should be ignored) should read the dramatic warning by Harvard Law professor emeritus and distinguished Constitutional Law scholar Laurence Tribe in the January 3 issue of The Guardian. See:

The risk of a coup in the next US election is greater now than it ever was under Trump


Tribe begins:

"Only free and fair elections in which the loser abides by the result stand between each of us and life at the mercy of a despotic regime - one we had no voice in choosing and one that can freely violae all our rights. So everything is at stake in the peaceful transfer of power from a government that has lost its people's confidence to its victorios successor. It as that peaceful transfer that Trump and his minions sought to obstruct and almost succeeded in overthrowing when Joe Biden was elected president."

Tribe continues:

"A year has passed since Donald Trump's attempted coup and his supporters' violent storming of the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021, in a nearly successful effort to prevent Congress from certifying Trump's decisive loss of te election to Biden. Watching the images of US democracy overtaken and defiled, it was impossible not to viscerally feel the grave danger that confronted the republic. In the tumultuous year since, the immediacy of that sensation has waned - and the magnitude of the stakes has receded from memory..."

"With Trump himself out of office and in exile at Mar-a-Lago, public attention quickly faded, Republicans abandoned their increasingly half-hearted search for accountability, and the leaders of their party began planning the next bite at the poisoned apple of power, an apple they told themselves had been stolen from them despite all evidence to the contrary..."

"...Yet the vast majority of Americans have turned their attention back to other concerns,.."

Tribe then goes on to describe the Republican's" unfolding 2024 coup, made up of a combination of attempts to corrupt the electoral process by vote suppression and putting corrupt, partisan supporters of Trump's "Stolen Election" Big Lie in charge of counting the votes on the one hand, while threatening violence against honest officials and the opponents of the coup attempt on the other.

He writes:

"Trump's Republican party has all but erraced or openly embraced the violence of January 6. And the party faithful have already set out to use state-level elections and legislative processes to better set the table to steal the 2024 election should that be necessary to their return to power."

This is a stark and urgent warning, but, one may ask, what does this have to do with immigration - especially since non-US citizens do not vote in our elections? The answer is that it has everything to do with immigration. Our immigration system depends on maintaining our democracy.

If we lose our democracy, there will be no more immigration - at least not from nonwhite areas of the world. Fascist regimes always need a scapegoat, an "other" group of people who must be excluded from the body politic for the benefit of the favored group.

In today's America. as has been the case throughout most of our history, the "other" group that must be excluded from US society to maintain the power and privileges of the favored group has been made up of brown and black immigrants.

To be continued in Part 2 of this 2-part series.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law
Harvard College A.B.
Harvard Law School LL.B