As the election year of 2022 begins, there are growing signs that the Republicans are coming closer than ever before to pulling off a fascist coup, fueled by the party's traditional anti-immigrant racism.

Former US Secretary of Labor Robert Reich writes the following in The Guardian (December 28, 2021),referring to the Trump-inspired violent insurrection against the US government st the US Capitol last January 6:

"Trump and his co-conspirators must be held accountable, of course. Hopefully, the select committee's report will be used by the justice department in criminal prosecutions of Trump and his accomplices.

But this in itself will not solve the underlying problem: a belligerent and narcissistic authoritarian has gained a powerful hold over a large portion of America. As many as 60% of Republican voters continue to believe his ["stolen election"] lies."

Reich also writes:

"Trump has had help, of course. Fox News hosts and Facebook groups have amplified his ravings for their own purposes. Republicans in Congress and in the states have played along"

Here, Reich is obviously referring to the Republican voter suppression laws and their alarming replacement of neutral election officials with pro-Trump fanatics in many key states.

Reich continues:

But Trump's attempted coup could could not get as far as it has without a deepening anger and despair in a substantial portion of the population that has made such Americans susceptible to his swagger and lies.

What is Trump's, and the Republicans', favorite, tried and true method of tapping into the "anger" of their base, mainly white, voters? That question answers itself: anti-immigrant racism.

To be sure, Reich doesn't count that as the only reason for the popularity of Trump and the neo-fascist Republican elected officials who support him. He writes:

"it is too simplistic to attribute this anger solely to racism or xenophobia. America has harbored white supremacist and anti-immigrant sentiments since its founding."

But no modern US president has made anti-immigrant racism the centerpiece of his electoral campaigns, and his agenda while in office, as much as Donald Trump has.

To be continued:

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law