In this Covid-19 era, everyone is looking for new forms of entertainment, As a result, a new spectator sport has become increasingly popular ever since January 20, 2021, when President Joe Biden took over the White House two weeks after Donald Trump's failed January 6 attempt to overthrow the US government by force and violence and block Biden's certification as president so that Trump could remain in power and set up a dictatorship. This new spectator sport, which has now taken over the whole country, is called. "Bash Joe Biden".

The point of this new game is to find new and creative ways to show that Biden is incompetent, wesk, confused, doesn't know what he is doing, and trying to please everybody while accomplishing nothing. The underlying message, is that not only is Biden, who is still not quite one year into a 4 -year term, is a failed president, but that our democracy itself is failing and needs to be replaced by a fascist regime ld by, or at least inspired by, Donald Trump.

This new form of spectator sport is not only popular wit Trump supporters who have never been happy with America'st diverse, multi-racial, immigrant-friendly democracy, but also with liberals and progressives who are disappointed that Biden has not made greater progress toward accomplishing the goals of establishing equal justice and human rights for all people in America, including immigrants, which he committed himself to doing.

It is true that in the immigration enforcement area,, Biden has made less progress in reform and respecting human rights than his liberal supporters had hoped. His attempt to revoke the odious "Remain in Mexico" policy against black and brown asylum-seekers from Haiti and Central America has been stymied by Trump-supporting, right wing federal judges, including the 6-3 pro-Trump Supreme Court majority.

To his shame, Biden has so far refused to cancel Title 42, which Trump and Miller were planning to use as an anti-immigrant measure on phoney public heath grounds before anyone ever heard of Covid-19. Immigrant detentions are high, refugee admissions are still low, and unconscionably long delays and backlogs, not only in the immigration court deportation system but in the USCIS immigration benefit system, are the order of the day.

At the same time, anti-immigrant right wingers, at least some (though not all) of whom are motivated a desire to "keep America white" by lowering immigration to the vanishing point, are incensed at President Biden for relaxing some of the Trump-Miller restrictions against "illegal" immigration.

Trump himself recently railed against the idea of admitting Haitian asylum seekers at the US border as being a "death wish" for America. At least some of his supporters would agree.

But when we turn to the legal immigration side, a very different picture emerges. Biden has moved, not always speedily, but still effectively, to cancel and reverse the worst features of Trump's attempt to destroy America's legal immigration system.

immediately upon taking office, President Biden cancelled Trump's notorious Muslim Ban executive order, which was a direct attack on America's constitutional guarantee of religious freedom. Shamefully, the Supreme Court's Republican majority and upheld the Ban order in a 5-4 decision which will live in infamy along with the Dred Scott and Korematsu decisions.

President Biden also halted construction of Trump's Border Wall, which had been clearly intended as a message to Mexican and all other Latino immigrants (and nonwhite immigrants in general) that they were not welcome in the United States.

Trump's Wall had also brought back highly disturbing memories of the Berlin Wall,if not the infamous Warsaw Ghetto Wall during WW2.

Even more importantly, Biden has also withdrawn Trump's and Miller's attempt to strike at the heart of Americas; legal immigration system through the "new" Public Charge Rule and the attempt to redefine H-1B out of existence.

Trump's attempt to shut down most, if not all, of America's legal immigration system - which he claimed he had the power to do by executive decree - aee: New York Times, August 26, 2020:

was only the prelude to a fascist coup which almost succeeded on January 6, 2021 and which threatens America in 2024.

To be continued in Part 2.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law
Harvard College A.B.
Harvard Law School LL.B.