In an alarming year-end report by three pro-democracy groups, the Republican attack on America's democratic elections system, inspired by Donald Trump's Big Lie alleging that the 2020 presidential election was "stolen" from him, is shown to be an even bigger and more dangerous threat to America's democracy than most people realize. See: The Guardian (December 23) which has a link to the full report:

According to the report by three groups: States United Democracy Center, Protect Democracy and Law Forward, no less than 262 Republican bills have been introduced in 41 states aiming to subvert the democratic process to ensure Republican victories no matter how the actual vote turns out. The largest concentration of these bills is in Texas, Arizona and Georgia. Republican voter suppression bills have already become law in 17 states.

One of the principal methods being used to subvert democracy are to give Republican-controlled state legislatures, rather than independent officials, the power to determine election results. A GOP-passed bill to do this in Pennsylvania was vetoed by that state's Democratic governor, and the Republicans are now trying to amend the state's constitution to accomplish the same purpose.

Another strategy, according to the same report, has been to replace independent vote-counting officials in various states with Trump-supporting partisans who follow his "Stolen Election" lie.

In addition to subverting the election process by distorting the vote count, Trump supporters have threatened fascist-style violence against election officials who count the votes accurately and don't go along with Trump's Big Lie about the election, as The Guardian also reports:

This is entirely in keeping with Trump's own personal attempts to pressure election officials in several states to falsely declare him the winner, as well as his fomenting a violent insurrection against Congress in an effort to stop Joe Biden's certification as the election winner on January 6, 2021.

There is now speculation that Trump may face criminal charges for these attempts to bring down our democracy:

Trump should have been charged and put on trial for these crimes long ago. Why has it taken almost a year even to bring up this issue for discussion?

The mortal threat to America's democracy which Trump and his supporters are now posing leads to the question of what this means for immigrants. Can immigration as we know it survive if America loses its democracy and turns into a fascist dictatorship?

The short answer is: of course not. America's immigration system depends on the democratic premise that all human beings are equal and have equal rights, regardless of race, religion, ancestry or nationality.

Fascism, to the contrary, depends on "us vs. them" mentality - a favored group of people, as opposed to despised outsiders who are made scapegoats, as in the case of the Jews in 1930's Germany.

In Donald Trump's case, the scapegoats have not been the Jews, (despite his recent anti-semitic remarks relating to American Jews and Israel's former prime minister). From Day 1 of his 2016 presidential campaign up to now,his scapegoats and main objects of attack have been brown and black immigrants.

To be continued.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law

Harvard College A.B.
Harvard Law School LL.B.