The first year of President Biden's administration has been dominated by its partly successful attempts to roll back or reverse some of the most opently bigoted and cruel anti-immigrant policies of the Trump-Miller administration. These include such actions as ending Trump's openly white supremacist border wall expansion and the new Miller Public Charge rules which were purposely designed to make it much more difficult for mainly nonwhite immigrants to obtain legal green cards and visas; and the attempt gut the H-1B program by redefining "specialty occupation" so that almost no job titles would have qualified, and by skewing the H-1B cap-subject selection process to favor the highest salary earners only.

This last attempt to do away with or sharply limit H-1B was officially withdrawn only as of yesterday, December 21.

There was also at least one well publicised failure to reverse one of the most blatantly cruel and inhuman Trump policies of all, namely the infamous "Remain in Mexico" policy which was designed to, and did, put tens of thousands of brown and black asylum seekers at the US-Mexican border in extreme danger.

This policy, which Miller named the "Migrant Protection Program" in an appalling exercise of Orwellian cynicism, has been forced on the Biden administration by right wing Trump-sympathizing federal judges, with the active connivance of the far right extremist, Trump-dominated Supreme Court majority - made up of what Justice Barrett in effect admitted (through denial) are nothing but "partisan hacks".

In addition to reversing some of the most obviously discriminatory Trump-Miller era policies (and keeping others in force, such as the racist use of Title 42 at te border) President Biden's immigration reform efforts have focused on an attempt at relief for "undocumented" immigrants through use of the parole power. This well-meant and badly needed effort has be stymied by unanimous Senate Republican opposition, assisted by the Democratic quisling from West Virginia, Joe Manchin.

The Republican opposition to Human-Rights- based reform for "illegal" immigrants is spearheaded by a well-publicised GOP effort to foment fear and hysteria over the fake "border crisis" cause by an increase in brown and black asylum seekers fleeing intolerable conditions in Haiti, Central America and elsewhere.

But even if badly needed relief for several million undocumented immigrants were somehow to get past the opposition of a Republican party which has increasingly been embracing white supremacy as a means to solidity its power for the past 50 years, ever since the infamous Nixon "Southern Strategy" (anti-civil rights, for younger readers) of the 1970's, that would only be the tip of the iceberg in terms of the reform that i needed in our immigration system.

Not only America;s approach to undocumented immigration, but our entire legal immigration system. is badly skewed against nonwhite immigrants and is in need of top-to-bottom reform. This has been true for decades, long before anyone ever heard of Donald Trump's run for the presidency.

On July 10, 2018, during the darkest days of the Trump-Miller regime, the highly respected, non-partisan Cato Institute published a comprehensive analysis by David J. Bier of what is wrong with our current legal immigration system. It lists 26 different restrictive policies in our current immigration laws which deprive deserving immigrants, most of whom are not white and come from outside Europe, of their internationally recognized Human Rights to change their country of residence under fair, just and equitable conditions. See:

Why the Legal Immigration System Is Broken: A Short List of Problems

I will discuss David Bier's list of list of Human Rights problems with our current immigration system, as well as the opinions of other Human Rights commentators, in forthcoming installments of this topic..

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law
Harvard College A.B.
Harvard Law School LL.B.