In a controversial interview with Axios that has quickly brought charges of anti-semitism against him, Donald Trump has accused American Jews in general of either "not liking" or "not caring" about israel.

He also picked out the New York Times as allegedly being anti-Israel and went into a tirade against its Jewish owners.

But Trump's vile attack against American Jews should not come as a surprise, after his long record of attacking brown and black immigrants as "criminals", "rapists" "drug dealers" "invaders", "terrorists" "MS-13" and "snakes". To the contrary, when politicians in America or any other country engage in racist attacks against minorities of any type, as Trump has built his career on doing, it is almost inevitable that they will also attack what Harry Golden once called the "all-time favorite" target of bigots everywhere - namely the Jewish people.

One might ask why Trump picked this particular time to engage in open anti-semitism. One guess is that it might have something to do with his increasing sense of bitterness over his failed violent coup against America's democracy last January 6, as well s the fact that there are still a few Republican politicians - not very many - who refuse to accept Trump's fascist style Big Lie about the 2020 election having been "stolen" from him.

In retrospect, Trump's vicious attacks against Mexican and Muslim immigrants during his 2016 presidential campaign, and his attempt to shut down most of the legal immigration system as president, can be seen as the beginning of his plan to overthrow America's democracy and set himself up as a dictator.

And despots have a history of not liking Jews.

The reality is that Trump, who recently invited former Israeli prime minister Netanyahu to engage in an act which decency prohibits using the four -letter English word for, but which translates into Latin as futuo (get out your dictionaries!) imposed immigration restrictions as president which hurt Israel by making it harder for all immigrants, including those from Israel, to come to America legally.

The negative effects of Trump's agenda on Immigrants from Israel was described in an article by the Israeli lawyer James Cohen. See:

Trump's immigration restrictions - RFE's and delays

Of course, this doesn't mean that Trump intentionally discriminated against immigrants from Israel. That was certainly not the case. But he and Stephen Miller were so intent on cutting off legal immigration from what Trump called "shithole countries", i.e. nonwhite ones, that some of his policies also hurt immigrants from predominantly white areas as well, including Europe and Israel.

This is known as "collateral damage".

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law
Harvard College A.B,
Harvard Law School LL.B