The Guardian US edition, one of the most reliable and respected newspapers in America, reports on the growth of radical right wing extremism and intolerance among Republican politicians in deep red states such as Idaho, Oklahoma and Wyoming that could be an ominous sign for the future of immigration - and democracy.

To give just one example,, according to this report, John Bennett, the Idaho Republican party chairman,had described Islam as a "cancer in our nation that needs to b cut out".

This is not exactly a way of welcoming immigrants from the Middle East or North Africa. It also brings back memories of the now abolished Muslim Ban order of Donald Trump, See, November 20:

But a Republican right wing extremist's call for a revival of Trump's Muslim Ban bigotry is only only at the surface of a much deeper issue - the pervasiveness of while supremacist racism throughout America;s immigration system.

On October 28, a New York Times opinion article by Reece Jones, an immigration researcher and auther of a book called:

White Borders: The History of Race and Immigration in the United States From Chinese Exclusion to the Border Wall

summarized the real issue facing US immigration today. See:

Facing Up to the Racist Legacy of America's Immigration Laws

To be continued.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law