Almost with each passing day, yet another story surfaces showing that the biggest issue facing America today - even bigger than the still growing number of fatalities due in large part to the furious campaign by Republican state officials against Covid-19 vaccination and mask mandates - and even bigger than the environmental degradation which Republican politicians are aiding and abetting by their support for the corporate greed of cal and fossil fuel companies - is whether America's democracy will continue to survive, or whether this country will go the way of fascist-style dictatorship, as has been taking place in Brazil, Hungary, and other countries around the globe.

This is not the place to discuss the views of political scientists who point out that America had never been a full democracy and that our 18th-century constitution was designed to preserve at least some power to a political (slaveholding) elite to defy the popular will. But never before has America faced a crisis where one of its two major political parties has actively sought to undermine our entire electoral system by promoting the Big LIe that the loser of a nationwide presidential election really won - after more than 50 different courts have thrown out this claim as absolutely baseless.

The latest development in this regard has been the decision of the Wyoming Republican party to stop recognizing Congresswoman Liz Cheney as a Republican - i.e to throw her out of that party - because she still insists on telling the truth that Donald Trump really lost the 2020 election.

And not only are many Republican politicians and office-holders complicit in supporting Trump's Big Lie about having the election "stolen" from him by nonexistent "fraud" - i.e. counting votes cast by nonwhite US citizens living in large urban areas - but they are also changing the state election laws across America to make it harder for these same US citizens of color to vote or have their votes fairly counted.

The foundation of America's democracy - i.e. fair and open elections in which all the the votes are counted, - is, very arguably, now under greater attack than ever before in our history. Therefore, it is understandable that Republican politicians would be looking for a way to divert attention from their assault on democracy. And what better way could their be than the tried and true tactic of stoking fear and antagonism toward minority immigrants?

This is why we are hearing so much from Republican office-holders and political candidates about the alleged "Border Crisis" caused by nonwhite migrants seeking asylum or refuge from intolerable conditions in the Caribbean and Latin America. In line with the same strategy that installed Trump in the White House in the 2016 election, these GOP politicians are relentlessly demonizing these immigrants as "criminals" and "terrorists", in violation of their basic human rights to refuge and freedom from discrimination.based on race or nationality.

The real danger to our democracy is not from the threat of outside attack - though this can never entirely be ruled out - but from the internal threat by Republican officials to overturn and destroy our electoral system. This is not to mention the very real evidence of an attempt by hundreds of Trump supporters, inflamed by his false "Stolen Election" claims, to overthrow the government of the United States by force and violence on January 6 which Congress is now investigating with very little help from Republican office-holders.

Are the desperate immigrants, consisting in large part of women and children, at the southern US border really a greater danger to the United States than the attempts of Republican politicians to subvert and destroy our democracy? That would be a difficult case to make.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law
Harvard Law School A.B
Harvard College LL.B.