Polls indicate that voters have been turning against the Biden administration’s immigration policies. According to the October Harvard CAPS/Harris Poll, only 35 percent of registered voters approve of the administration’s immigration policies.

· 81 percent think illegal immigration is a serious issue;

· 65 percent think Biden’s immigration executive orders encourage illegal immigration;

· 54 percent think he is creating an open border, not just trying to enforce the immigration laws more humanely; and

· 73 percent think the current surge in undocumented immigrants at the border is a crisis that needs to be addressed immediately.

Is the situation at the border as bad as they think it is?

Yes, it is — and I doubt that most are aware of all of the problems.

Known or suspected terrorists

At a congressional hearing on March 17, 2021, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, acknowledged that suspected terrorists have tried to cross the border every year. He said that DHS’s multi-layered security apparatus has made it possible to identify and prevent them from entering the United States.

That we’ve prevented all from entering seems unlikely. While the Terrorism Screening Database contains the names of more than a million known or suspected terrorists and the State Department’s list of foreign terrorist organizations is quite long as well, the surge in illegal crossings permits terrorists and other types of criminals to hide among hundreds of thousands of illegal crossers who are not criminals. And it’s worth remembering that the number of “got-aways” — crossers seen by border agents but not apprehended — has been as high as 1,000 a day. Add to that an untold number of successful crossers never seen (and thus never counted) by government agents.

Mayorkas tried to shift attention away from this issue by claiming that home-grown terrorists are the problem, not foreign terrorists. Given precedents like the Oklahoma City bombing, the same thing could have been said before the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. While home-grown terrorism may be a real problem, we cannot let our guard down if we want to avoid another Sept. 11.

‘Home free’ magnet

The Biden administration’s enforcement guidelines severely restrict interior enforcement. ICE is not permitted to arrest undocumented aliens in the interior of the country who are here in violation of our laws — unless they also are in one of the administration’s three priority categories. This means that undocumented aliens who don’t commit any of the designated crimes and aren’t viewed as a threat to national security are home free when they reach the interior of the country.

This policy creates a powerful magnet to illegal immigration, and it encourages illegal crossers to keep trying until they succeed in reaching the interior.

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Published originally by The Hill.
Nolan Rappaport was detailed to the House Judiciary Committee as an executive branch immigration law expert for three years. He subsequently served as an immigration counsel for the Subcommittee on Immigration, Border Security and Claims for four years. Prior to working on the Judiciary Committee, he wrote decisions for the Board of Immigration Appeals for 20 years. Follow his blog at https://nolanrappaport.blogspot.com.