As the crisis for American democracy caused by GOP attempts to manipulate the vote-counting .in the 2024 election in what would amount to a fascist-style coup by Donald Trump continues to grow, we can expect even more Republican attempts to divert attention away from the real danger. These attempts will most likely continue to focus on the phony "Border Crisis"caused by a more humane approach by the Biden administration to asylum-seekers and other migrants from Central America and the Caribbean at the US-Mexican border.

An alarming November 14 article in The Guardian describes the ongoing moves by GOP supporters of Trump's "Stolen Election" Big Lie to take over the vote counting in the 2024 election in what bears all the signs of a fascist-style electoral coup. The Trump/GOP coup strategy involves having the popular votes, especially from nonwhite urban areas, thrown out and replaced by slates of electors handpicked by Republican state officials or legislatures. See:

'Terrifying for American Democracy': is Trump planning for a 2024 coup?

Either way, the support for Trump that most, if not all, GOP political leaders showed while he was in the White House and are still showing as he continues to demonize nonwhite immigrants and spread lies about the 2020 election results, makes clear that Trump's role is one of leading a Republican proto-fascist movement. This movement had its origins long before Trump came on the political scene and will very likely continue to threaten our democracy long into the post-Trump era.

THere can be no doubt that appealing to white racial prejudice has been a central part of the Republican agenda, for at least the past 50 years, ever since President Richard Nixon's notorious 1970's "Southern Strategy"; and that the GOP has been focusing its attacks against the legal and human rights of nonwhite immigrants ever since the Republicans rammed IIRIRA through Congress in 1996 without discussion or debate.

But, as Yale professor and authority on fascism Jason Stanley showed in an August 1, 2020 opinion article in the English edition of El Pais, anti-immigrant racism, which we are now seeing most obviously in the attempts of Trump and other Republican office-holders to hype the so-called "Border Crisis", anti-immigrant racism is only one part of a wider authoritarian movement that is threatening to lead America directly to fascism. See:

Donald Trump: American Fascism?

To be continued.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law
Harvard College A.B.
Harvard Law School LL.B