Democracy and human rights are in mortal danger in America today, caused by Republican attempts to destroy our electoral system by gerrymandering, destabilizing the election process and, above all, preventing US citizens of color rom voting. For the latest on this, see: The Hill (November 10)

Former top officials warn democracy in 'jeopardy'

and The Guardian (November 10):

White supremacists declare war on democracy and walk away unscathed.

THe threat to democracy caused by the Republican white supremacist assault on our elections, as well as and the January 6 violent insurrection by Trump supporters at the US Capitol, has even been compared to the death of democracy in ancient Rome.

See: The Atlantic (August 13)"

Will the U.S. pass a point of no return?

A key part of this strategy consists in Republican attempts to distract attention and stir up even more racial fears and antagonism by manufacturing a phony "border crisis" made of nonwhite immigrants seeking asylum and a better life in the US See: Robert Reich in the Baltimore Sun (April 1):

Republican are fabricating the border crisis

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To be continued:

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law