Republican Glenn Youngkin's narrow victory in the" Virginia gubernatorial election (which is being blown up by the media as if it had been a landslide) had little or nothing to do with "parental school rights", as sme newspaper articles would have us believe, and everything to do with appeals to "white identity", which is the polite media euphemism for white racism,

That, and not any genuine concern with "Berder Security" or immigrant "self-sufficiency" are behind the recent lawsuits by Republican states trying to force the Biden administration to reinstate Trump era anti-immigrant policies such as "Remain in Mexico" and the Stephen Miller Public Charge rule.

First, let us look at the reason for Younglin's win . Michael Harriot explains as follows in The Guardian:

"After party affiliation and ideology, no other metric was more determinative of who voted for Youngkin than whiteness...Whiteness was more predictive of who voted for Youngkin than many traditional conservative political issues, including the economy of abortion... Younglin...won by playing the race card."

To be continued.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law