As shown in my previous comment, Republican Glenn Youngkin's successful campaign for the Virginia governorship, was fuelled in large part by his attack on Critical Race Theory (CRT), which, according to most reports, is not even being taught in that state's schools. While Youngkin did not specifically mention immigration, his campaign against CRT was clearly an indirect attack on immigrants, since discrimination against immigrants of color is an important topic for CRT studies.

See, for only one example, Diana Franco, New York University School of Social Work (2019);

This Land Is Our Land: Exploring the Impact of U.S. immigration policies on Social Work Practice

Taking their cue from Youngkin's campaign, and from the attempts of Republican governors in states such as Florida and Texas to scapegoat brown and black immigrants for the spread for COVID-19 caused by these governors' own attacks on mask and vaccination mandates, 95 GOP Senators and Congressional Representatives have sent a letter to the head of DHS, Alejandro Majorkas, attempting to promote fear and hysteria over the latest reported "caravan" of immigrants from Central America. See:


Meanwhile, Slate reports that that based on polling, attacking CRT in order to appeal to white voters played a big role in Youngkin's victory.

It is clear that attacking CRT and demonizing brown immigrants are two sides of the same GOP racial attack coin.

Roger Algase
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