Update: October 16, 2:35 pm.

Pressure is growing from immigration advocates for President Biden to end the Trump-era policy of using Title 42 of the US Code as a bogus "health-related" pretext to carry out the right-wing political objective of reducing immigration from Haiti and other nonwhite nations that Trump has condemned as "shithole countries" whose citizens seeking asylum in the US are a "death wish" for America.

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My original comment follows.

No objective observer can legitimately argue with the statement that the entire US immigration system, which is full of irrational technicalities that make no sense whatever as a whole (as DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas himself stated at a lecture that I attended several years ago in New York while he was USCIS director in the Obama administration). is, on a daily basis, creating almost every imaginable kind of injustice and violation of basic human rights against immigrants who are seeking a better life in the US.

But few, if any ,classes of immigrants have been singled out for brutal, inhuman, mistreatment and discrimination more than Haitians seeking refuge in the US from long-standing, intolerable conditions in their own country.

The inexcusable, hypocritical use of Title 42 to expel Haitian refugees seeking asylum at the US border on bogus health grounds, which President Biden inherited from the Trump-Miller regime and is deliberately continuing; together with Trump's recent vile Fox News rhetoric claiming that Haitian asylum-seekers "probably have AIDS" (less than 2 percent of all Haitians have this disease, according to published statistics), and that they are a "death wish" for America, are only a continuation of decades of discrimination and human rights violations against Haitian immigrants by successive US administrations. This includes both Republican and Democratic ones.

Carl Lindskoog, a history professor at Raritan Valley (NJ) Community College and author of a book on Haitian immigration called Detain and Punish exposes America's long history of persecution and discrimination against Haitian immigrants in a September 30 Washington Post article entitled:

Violence and racism against Haitian migrants was never limited to agents on horseback.

This article begins:

"The Border Patrol's recent treatment of Haitian asylum-seekers was appalling. But the racism and violence on display go far beyond this terrible incident. They are at the heart of the US government's policy toward Haitian asylum seekers. And they have been for decades."

To be continued in Part 2 of this 2-part series.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law