Many years ago, I heard a story about a famous comedian (I think it was George Burns, if I remember correctly) who was asked how he felt about growing old. He replied that aging was full of difficulties, but it was still better than the alternative. One might say the same thing about President Joe Biden's immigration policies in the first nine months of his administration.

The president has taken a great deal of justified criticism from immigration advocates for his brutal treatment of Haitian and Central American refugees at the US-Mexican border, in violation of their human rights to seek asylum under both US and international law. His administration's inexcusable delays in processing legal visas may also have, according to a report mentioned in one of my previous comments, deprived over 200,000 legal visa applicants of visas or green cards which they were entitled to by law.

Certainly, the media reports about CBP agents on horseback using their reins as whips to round up helpless non-white immigrants and send them back to dangerous conditions in their own countries, in violation of the non-"refoulement" provisions of international asylum law, will not be looked on by history as a high point of respect for human rights in President Biden's administration.

Nor will the current president's use of Title 42 of the US Code to turn back asylum-seekers at the border without even a shred of due process. As I have shown in previous comments, Title 42, right from the start, was regarded by the Trump-Miller regime as a political device, not a public health one, to stop brown and black people from entering the the US. This was before anyone had ever heard of Covid-19.

Therefore, given President Biden's at best spotty record on immigration (which also, on the positive side, includes cancelling many of the most openly racist Trump-Miller policies; such as the Muslim Ban, the border Wall, the Miller Public Charge rules and the attempt to destroy H-1B - as well as Biden's admitting thousands of Haitian refugees at the border) - should immigration advocates not be raising their voices even louder than they already are against President Biden's immigration human rights failures?

Yes they should, of course be speaking out against President Biden's failure to eliminate all of Trump's immigration related racial bigotry and human rights violations. But immigration advocates should also not forget what the alternative would be like, any more than the comedian in my above anecdote did. Let us, just for a moment, remind ourselves of what that alternative would consist of.

The alternative would consist of reinstalling a chief executive - or one of his Republican supporters - whose entire immigration agenda was, and still is - based on hatred and demonization of brown and black people - immigrants and US citizens alike. It would mean once again handing our immigration system over to a leader who did everything in his power during four years in the White House to institute a reign of mass deportation terror against undocumented immigrants and to try to shut down as much of our legal immigration system as possible - all in pursuit of an openly white supremacist ideology.

It would mean returning to the regime of a leader who began his campaign for high office from the very start in 2015 by attacking nonwhite immigrants as "criminals", "rapists" and "drug dealers"; and who then went on to demonize and stir up hatred against them as "animals" , "snakes" and "invaders" who were "destroying America".

The alternative to President Biden would mean turning the entire federal government over to a chief who is not only opposed to letting brown and black immigrants into this country, but who believes that elections in which American citizens of color are allowed to vote and have their votes counted are "fraudulent" and should be overturned.

To be continued.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law