We can no longer ignore the fact that America's democracy is in mortal danger - from a Republican party that is doing everything in its power to destroy our electoral system, and which bases its appeal on white supremacy and anti-immigrant racism. Edward Purcell, a New York Law School professor and author of a book about Antonin Scalia and the American Constitution, writes the following in an October 11 article in The Hill:

If Republicans take over Congress in 2022, they will finally grasp what they have been driving toward for the past two decades: the negation of majority rule, the supremacy of a resentment-empowered white minority and virtually unshakeable control of the national government for a generation or more.

If the Republicans succeed in 2022, they will use their position to methodically entrench themselves in power. First, they will ensure that the House abolishes its committee investigating the Jan. 6 insurrection, thus covering up their complicity in the nation's first an only criminal conspiracy to overthrow a national election and seize control of the government."

Profesor Purcell continues:

"Second, they will defend and expand their control over state governments by extreme partisan redistricting and gerrymandering by adopting even more carefully targeted laws to restrict voting rights and enhance the power of Republican appointees and legislatures to determine election outcomes.

Third, they will use their control of both critical states and the House of Representatives to ensure their victory in 2024 and the return of Donald Trump to the presidency."

The law professor then reaches his alarming, conclusion, which should stand as an urgent warning to every American (and immigrant) who cares about our democracy:

"Thus, the 2022 elections will determine the fate of popular government in the United States. It will be the decisive pivot point at which Americans faithfully preserve their free and honest constitutional democracy or Republicans successfully transform the nation into a effectively a one-party state."


What is the one, single rallying cry that the Trump-led Republicans are using more than anything else to try to seize power in the 2022 elections and carry out the destruction of our democracy? It is fear and hatred of brown and black immigrants - something that we are now witnessing in the GOP campaign of discrimination and hysteria against the desperate Haitian and Central American refugees, consisting in large part of women and children, who are seeking political asylum at the US-Mexico border in accordance with their human rights as recognized by US and international law.


But Republican attempts to use anti-immigrant racism in pursuit of political power are not new. They did not begin with Donald Trump. These attempts go back more than half a century, to the time of the landmark 1965 immigration reform law that was meant to abolish four decades of white supremacist - Europeans only immigration quotas beginning in 1924. The shameful history of Republican anti-immigrant racism from 1965 up to the present is described in a July 24 Boston Globe article entitled:

Stoking fears of immigrants has been part of the Republican platform for decades. But something is different this time


To be continued in my next comment on this topic.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law
Harvard College A.B.
Harvard Law School LL.B